Top Trends for 2016

Happy New Year! With a new year comes exciting new fashion trends! Here are the top ones to look out for!


There are five key palettes that have been predicted to be the top colours in your wardrobe for 2016!

Vibrant Mid Tones

Bubblegum pink plays an essentials part this year along with newer shades of coral becoming the new pink for this season with salmon undertones.

Jewel Tones

While navy progresses as a base colour, indigo is a strong alternative to mix things up. Along with grape purple as a featured new colour! Burgundy is also back for Spring after its massive success in recent seasons!


OWL_NeutralRoom-ColorsExpect base hues of Khaki, hazy taupe and olive with copper and rust playing influential roles.





Pastels are goingPastel-colour-palette-pink-mint-butter-salmon-mauve-mylusciouslife.com_ to be one of the most important groups this coming season, cotton candy and peach will lead the pink mid tones along with minted and chambray offering greyer saturated alternatives.



Livening up the colours this season, the bright palette offering greens including spring and grass along with brightly saturated yellow.

 Top trends


Expect to see some ruffled lined garments if the catwalks are anything to go by. In many shapes and sizes but using them sparsely has the best effect, remember not to go overboard.

The Cold Shoulder

The col3b0fd43871edd85b4d72fd742ce6e2d5.jpgd shoulder is back again for 2016. If you have a chance to show them off, take it and follow in the fashionable footsteps of TV Presenter Laura Whitmore. Along with the cold shoulder trend there is also shoulder cut-outs and asymmetrical necklines, which are appealing to the more artistic minded and maybe not people that have the need for everything to be balanced.



Crumpled Fabric

Ironing can be a bit of a hassle (especially when you’re not that good) but even if you’re good, there are many other better things we can think of doing. This trend is the answer, pre-creased and crumpled clothing.

Raw Edgy Hems

Frayeraw edge.jpgd hems or those left raw without finishing off are now a top trend for the upcoming spring and summer of 2016. Random fringes and side cuts are appearing on denims and jackets.




Peekaboo Black Pieces

The black pieces are features in nearly every collection with sheer panelling; cut outs, lace aspects and spider web details, which reveal a bit more skin, making it playful and sexy and certainly less boring than our usual plain black pieces.

Long Sleeves with Sheer Layering

Long Sleeves don’t really come to mind when thinking of Spring/summer. However there are certain times and certain people that want to stay covered while keeping cool. Sheer undershirts are perfect for just that. Mesh fabrics and lace layers will heavily feature.

Boxy Jackets

Jackets are a massive spring thing! For this year you will see a lot of boxier silhouettes with cropped cuts and creating sophisticated figure.


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